Trafficked Thoughts (QC traffic uggh)

Got home late because of the Traffic! Actually, it was 6pm and lots of people on the road so I decided to drink coffee in a nearby coffee shop. Most people call the shop SB. I went out of SB around 8:30pm and I think the volume of people and cars on the road did not change. What?? So I outsmarted the traffic by using the wider streets of Quezon City. Still encountered traffic but that was inevitable in times like this. I arrived home in two hours, almost 11 pm. So I’m not yet sleepy and browsed some documents in the computer desktop (PC in the house, not my personal laptop), opened a word file entitled ‘the sat.’ It was last modified on March 17, 2015 (I still had my own laptop this time but was using the desktop computer at some point. Maybe to play Steam games like DoTA?? haha.)

The socially-awkward teacher

Everyone has the capacity to be a teacher. Everyone can share what they know and let people gain enlightenment from it. It seems easy being a teacher but it takes compatibility for a person to fit in teaching. Let’s say you tried using your passion, interest, and above-average skills in something and you became a teacher. Is it enough that you have the passion and share it with people? You’ll get disappointed with the people you deal with and eventually with yourself if you realized that you just cannot give what being a teacher requires you to do or even beyond what needs to be done. That leads me to thinking that the four years of trying to live as a teacher was already enough to conclude the journey. I am grateful that I evolved to the person I am now because of being a teacher.

I think I was contemplating about my situation as a teacher that time. Today. I. am. a. bum. Actually, I’m writing my MA Thesis and tomorrow’s my topic presentation. hehe.


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