The ‘what?’ of life

A former student sent me a chat message through Facebook asking if I could answer a few simple questions that they prepared for their Psychology course. There were three questions and I answered them quite thoroughly. Actually, I only answered the first question in a contemplating moment and the rest were quick responses.


  • What makes me happy? I’m happy when I get to learn new things. I’m happy when there’s an opportunity to use what I have learned to produce a significant output. I’m happy when I contribute to success of other people. Learning new things is open to everybody. For me, I am currently studying Nihongo. It fascinates me to read reference materials in the Japanese language and realizing that I have so much to add to my Nihongo vocabulary. Also, I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Education specializing in Curriculum Studies. I feel glad to aid in the development of our school’s syllabus where we all give our inputs and produce a better version to be used next school year. In those simple ways, I find my happiness.


  • What makes me sad? It makes me sad when I feel I have no purpose in a place, when I cannot do anything helpful to anyone, or when I disappoint others or even myself due to failed expectations that I expect them to expect.


  • What is my goal in life? My goal in life is to see the world. I want to see the goodness and even the evil in it. I want to experience what I can and tell it to my close buddies and even my future kids. I want to live an adventurous life in my own version of the world, if not, Walter Mitty’s.

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