Five years of teaching 2011-present (2016)

I’ve been a Secondary School Teacher for quite some time and soon I’ll be leaving this field that I’ve been used to. Right now, I am checking Test papers instead of enjoying the first day of the year doing fun stuff. I know this is part of the job and I should have done this little by little since we started school vacation two weeks ago. It’s just that I enjoyed the worry-free days and school starts on Monday again. I will truly miss being a teacher. I have changed a lot these past few years. One thing that I can manage to tell about the changes in me is my behavior towards people. I am basically a shy-type person or should we say a socially-awkward person especially when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. Yes, I cannot look in to the eye of the person I talk to, but I’m learning. I also learned that mistakes are part of who you are. Students who approach me, telling me that I overlooked into something which makes my answer incorrect. I learned to admit the mistake and tell everyone that I really committed such. That learning made me more cautious in what I do. Preparing is a key and experience is a factor.


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