You’ll Never Guess Which Country is the Most Obsessed with The Fault In Our Stars

Just watched the movie last night for our first week as Hazel Grace and Augustus (weeksary? If there’s such a term)
I love you Iza! ;)


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It’s not America—home of John Green, the superstar author behind the young adult love story, whose film adaptation premieres today. It’s not Spain—apparently home of the most romantic nationality. And it’s not India, either—which has the world’s most voracious readers.

According to Google data, it’s actually the Philippines, whose search volume index (normalized as a score of 100, the highest) for the term “The Fault In Our Stars” is more than double that of the U.S. (44, the second highest). The three next most starry-eyed countries are Singapore (38), Australia (37) and New Zealand (36).

In fact, there’s even a John Green shirt company run by his Filipino fans. On Twitter, Filipino fans popularized the hashtag #ICanSeeTheStarsFromThePhilippines in anticipation of the film, which premiered in the Philippines on June 5.

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