How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

It was just a simple feeling they called having a crush on someone. I’ve written that feeling a few times before through this site, instagram, and even twitter. It was during my journey of forgetting the past relationship I had and finding the next girl I would want to spend the rest of my life with that God worked in a very mysterious way.


I liked her when we first interacted because she has this aura that makes me feel intimated but secured. Well, physically, she is my type since her height is approximately 5 feet and 3 inches. She’s over my shoulders and she is also a big-boned lady or should I say chubby :)) Since I’m a 6-foot-tall guy, it would be cute to have her beside me compared to a 4’11” girl. :0


She asked me, “Do you want to court me?” (I think that was am I going to court her or something)

“Honestly, I do not know what courtship is all about,” I responded.

“Is it giving something unusual to someone like a pineapple with a design?” I added.

I can’t remember her reaction that time but I think she liked what I said.


Love moves in mysterious ways but I believe it is God who really puts us in this situation. I admire you for telling me your secrets, for trusting me to hear about your dark past, for sharing everything about you, for being you. I felt better when I also told you my secrets, even the darkest ones too. It was like I can’t hide anything from you anymore. I feel like telling anything to you even those that my barkada or even my family do not know. Thank you for the trust :)


You are my Autumn. I’m not only going to give bouquet of flowers, but plants of flower/s so they would provide you a hundred flowers as you take care of them ;) Love will keep the flowers alive.

I’m glad you liked it. I love you.


Today is Mother’s day and I’ll end this composition with a Mother’s day message:

“Treat your girl like how you would want your father to treat your mother, your future brother-in-law to treat your sister and your future son-in-law to treat your daughter.”

Treat her with respect ;)

Izza, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


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