It’s a sign

While writing this, I’m listening to ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ by Maroon 5 and eating brownies! unlimited given by my student from Kalayaan (She named herself as Bangerz so i couldn’t recognize who she is). Just sharing, hehe.

Last night, we had the early celebration of my birthday on Monday (Dec 23) with my colleagues at Crab n Crew, Visayas Avenue. The restaurant is owned by our colleague who happens to be a chef in the said place. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there but he made sure we had a place in the restaurant. Just the usual thing, we ate and had some drinks. They bought Cuervo and there was the Jack Daniel’s bottle we left last session. And so, there were stories shared, some teasings and trippings, and the best of all, my birthday request of singing with the restaurant band that time. I was the first to sing and I was FORCED to sing ‘Wherever you will go’ by The Calling. I also requested three other colleagues to sing that time. The first two colleagues were great in their performances and I had a good laugh, we all had a good laugh. The third performer was unfortunately in the comfort room so she wasn’t able to sing. I went to fetch her and there I encountered her on her way back. She spread her arms wide open and I perceived that as giving a hug to me so I hugged her in return. Actually I can’t remember the entire conversation that we had while hugging each other, but that suddenly made me think that I miss having a special someone. I guess it was a sign that I’m already over my past relationship. I felt very ecstatic that time as my heart beat faster and I can sense my feelings get stronger for her. She was telling me that I should not be lonely and sad anymore and I think I was telling her that I’m not lonely and sad because I have my family and friends including her. I also told her that she should also be happy because I remembered her telling me indirectly that she was sad, it was just that I was sadder than her. And yes, it’s all about relationship problems. The difference is that she still have her ‘fading’ boyfriend she see once in a while, as in weeks or even months of not seeing each other. Me? No need to know.

It somehow made me feel so loved and for so long, a girl kissed me again. I got scared because I thought she was going to kiss me on the lips, but she held my head and kissed me on my forehead(?) She stands more than five feet so she didn’t find it difficult to do for a six-foot-tall guy like me. In my mind that time, I was telling myself, ‘oh she’s drunk, it would not be cool to kiss her back,’ so I pinched her cheeks and said ‘You’re so cute, I’m happy because you’re here.’ And maybe since it was getting uncomfortable for me to stay in the situation because between us, I’m the only single and I should respect her and understand what was happening, I ended up kissing her cheeks and finally hugging her tight then saying, ‘Go ahead, I’ll just go to the comfort room.’

If there would be someone who will be special, I wish it was her. I love her, and I’m happy for whatever she is happy with.Image


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