Raw girlfriend

I just got home from Trinoma. Again. But this time, I was with seven other colleagues who enjoyed watching the chosen movie which is ‘She’s the One’ starring Bea Alozo, Dingdong Dantes and  Enrique Gil. The movie is simply about friendzoning a best friend and maybe about hiding what you feel towards a person because you know he/she doesn’t like you back. That instance makes one to be a raw boy/girlfriend. Well anyway, I would just want to share something that made me relate to the movie. Yes, I could use what I had experienced in my previous relationship, but I prefer not to. I think this thing that happened today (actually, yesterday or a few hours ago) was the most striking where Luo (Summer) Autumn brushed her fingers across my one-month-unshaved beard. I felt something weird like in my thoughts, “what’s happening? The last time a girl did this was, I guess, almost a year ago already.” Ahhh, good times, this feeling really makes someone feel ‘raw love.’ I like her definitely, but the right thing is just to stay this way as much as possible. Just enjoy the ride. Just enjoy the FEELING. It’s just a feeling.

As Dingdong Dantes’ character said: Love ends, but friendship lasts forever. (I’m not sure of the exact words, but that what retained in me hehe)


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