This ‘feeling’ that you wanted to last

I posted a blog about someone whom my heart found to be interesting (here’s the post: That was four months ago.

Today, I went to school to finish some paperworks. It was great to have some colleagues who were also there to do the same. After everything that I have accomplished, I went straight to Trinoma to chill out. I was with this person I was pertaining to in that post. It was like a date and it really made me feel something that I can’t describe. Is love describable? Anyway, I got to meet her two high school friends and we all ate together in pepper steak. It puzzles me a lot on why I joined them. I planned to watch movie alone and play at timezone after, but she asked me if I could join them and I said yes. I know she has a significant other, but I also know myself that this is JUST a FEELING. All I wanted was to make this feeling last and simply stay as it is. I guess I don’t want it to go to the next level because it feels so good to have this. Thank you October 26, 2013 :)

*I’m thinking of a screen name for her ö Lou Summer?


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