Things that keep me away from giving up on this career- my MA studies

This was one of the assignments given to us in my Masteral Studies in the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Education. I received 98/100, but I guess I do not deserve it.


1. Watch the video on Ken Robinson’s Changing Educational Paradigm ( you may click on the url below or you can search it in google or yahoo)

2. Share your insights on the message of Ken Robinson in the light of our discussion on domains of learning, goals and objectives.

 My Answer:

There were a lot of ideas presented in the video on Ken Robinson’s Changing Educational Paradigm. So many that I have to pause from time to time and even watched the whole clip again from the beginning. The first idea that I have grasped was on how we are to educate our children these days. Should it depend on the economic status of the country? Or should it revolve around the cultural aspect of the learners? Would it be fine to do the same thing as what have been traditionally done for the past years, decades or even century? There’s also the question of raising the standards in education though is it really appropriate to consider that since we lowering the standards seems pointless. That leads me to the changing curriculum of the Philippines. From the basic education curriculum, we are faced with the K-12 curriculum that is believed to elevate the education in the country. If I were to tell the focus of the video, it’s all about the learners. It’s all about the outcomes that would arise whether they fit the academic track or the non-academic track which fits the Senior High School level of the K-12 program in the Philippines.

Speaking of the ADHD situation of the world today, I guess it’s just normal to have children experiencing high-energy-moments especially that they are exposed to stuffs that could trigger those moments. They have a technology-rich environment that makes sitting in a classroom for studying as boring. The problem of the children of today is their lack of focus to what the teacher wants them to learn. On the other hand, the problem with education is that, as the video stated, senses are sacrificed. The learners are forced to fix their eyes in front of the classroom to listen to what the teacher is saying. It’s like teaching and learning for standardized test amidst the distraction from technology in this modern world.

All of those things lead to what the video has pointed out – collaboration. For children to learn better, they should be awaken, not by medicines or other means, but by bringing it out themselves from themselves. We, as educators, can do this through eliciting things from the learners as they think together as one. Since I’m a Mathematics teacher, it’s difficult to think of activities that requires collaboration and at the same time no sacrifice of instructional time and content. I would like to break away from group reporting since it would just define a single leader that would make all the work. But I would like to have a class where each student share their ideas to the entire group they belong with. I think it would really be a challenge for us educators to comply with the changing generation of learners in the 21st century.


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