Signs of I’m (almost) quitting my career


For your final assignment, take the time to reflect on the past weeks that we have been together and share the insights you gained and lessons you learned in the entire semester.  Include as well, ways on how the course could be improved.  

Thank you so much and have a great semestral break!

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teacher yna

 My Answer

To be totally honest, making daily instructional plans has been my major weakness as an educator. In my fifth year of exposure to the field of education, I can say that every teacher’s goal is to have their learners achieve the specified objectives in the best possible way. A teacher should be systematic such that you make sure that learners are properly motivated, needed prior knowledge has been activated, appropriate activities that elicit what has been taught are provided, and comprehensive synthesis and insight has been extracted from the students. In short, it all boils down to how good a teacher has planned or has written and executed instructional plans.

I feel so fortunate and at the same time disappointed that I enrolled to this course about Instructional Procedures. I feel fortunate because I learned a lot of things that I can relate to how naive I am as a high school teacher. Although I know the proper things to do which I do not follow, I realized that it would really make learning better if I just follow it. Going to the disappointment side of enrolling to the course, I feel that way because it was too short and I was too busy with work. I felt having the drive to go to class and involve myself but due to some things that I have to do, it distracts my participation in class. It was great that I got to meet professionals that were eager to share what they know and that was what straightened my focus in class.

Just a thing that I contemplated for some time was that if we were to follow the making of instructional plan with two to three attainable objectives and corresponding motivation and activities in the real education world, we would not be able to finish all topics in a year-level in the span of the full-academic year given that we have a lot of suspensions. We also take into consideration the intelligence of the students and school activities. I know I’m still new to educating young minds but I am aware that we always aim to cover a certain number of topics in a quarter or semester. I guess I am just in that level that I have to master first the ‘what’ of Mathematics education.

All-in-all, the things that I have learned in the course are what I will be encountering in my day-to-day interaction with my students. I’d like to believe that the short demonstration that I did was just something to ponder upon as a young teacher of Mathematics. It was a disaster in a way that I stayed for too long in one part of the lesson proper and was not able to emphasize the vital parts of the fifteen-minute session. I am thankful that I learned what I was weak at.

Teacher Comment

The things that we feel we are weak in are the things that will make us strong eventually. Why? because compensate. Now that you are aware about your weaknesses, you will try your best to overcome them thus making your weakness your strength ; ). I believe you have what it takes to be a great teacher. Your passion for teaching and learning will lead you to become one. Just believe in yourself more. I wish you all the best.


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