Wait for it, Man

I need to blog again.

There’s a need for me to express these thoughts that have been going on in my mind.

A lot of thoughts involving the different aspects of life are joggled in my mind and they all contribute to my current views about life as I live my early twenties year.

Those things include my personality as I wanted to change the way I am, my work which I think I cannot do well that much due to my lack of skills, my social life that I cannot really attend to since I’m still busy doing things that most of my batchmates are doing – professional concentration, and maybe my ‘L’ life that I really cannot give into because I have this fear again which I wanted to do a separate blog about.

Oh well, gotta go for I have to finish this Exam Item Analysis of my Third Year classes.


2 responses to “Wait for it, Man

  1. you’re a good teacher, sir!! it is we who has a problem about understanding your subject (geom) because it’s comfusing and hard. we’re sorry if you think that you’re not doing your job well because our grades were low and sometimes we don’t participate well but you’re a good teacher, sir! keep it up :)

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