Kids these days

The young generation of children these days is getting harsher with the words that they say about some things. I’m talking about their views on things as they release their frustrations through social networking sites. They say, ‘I hate this, I hate that, that is sh*t, wtf is this? wtf is that? what a crap hw, etc. It bothers me a lot and of course it hurts to know that they hate my subject which is Mathematics (particularly geometry.) Worst is that they hate me as the teacher of that subject. These kids have a lot of complaints and they always find themselves cursing anything that they find difficult or should I say time-consuming school-works. The difference of the current generation of children to the previous generation, in particular – the pre-facebook/twitter/tumblr/instagram era, is focus. The previous generation which includes us has all the time to do the homework and projects, and review for quizzes for the next day. Maybe the only distraction was television or some gadgets that time like the gameboy or brickgame or pokemon cards.

My point here is my heart breaks into pieces everytime I overhear some kids who hate my subject and I can’t take away the thought of being the one at fault. They hate me as the teacher and that always lead me to thinking ‘why did I really choose to be an educator? why?’

It’s just that I never cursed any subject but I did always blame myself because I was too unskilled for what the subjects had required us to do.


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