First UST barkada Reunion ’13



We had our first UST barkada reunion yesterday and it felt good seeing familiar faces wearing brilliant smiles. Most of us have their own partner, you know boyfriend/girlfriend, and even if I still have my own, she wouldn’t be with me because she doesn’t want to mingle with them. Anyway, we just ate at Brown’s Gilmore, shared stories, laughed together, planned some things like outing, and went to SM Annex to play bowling.


I wore UST shirt but I was wearing UP shirt that morning since I went to LSGH, then to UST and to PRC. I claimed my recommendation letter from Ms Beth, the assistant principal of LSGH lower years, and got my remedial class pay. I went off straight to UST to request my transcript of records. I was nostalgic, seeing the place and undergoing the process of going to the registrar then to the records section and to the accounting area to pay and return to the registrar. It was fun because I still asked question to the guards since I already forgot the process. After requesting, I visited the UST museum! Actually that was the first serious visit to the museum eventhough I stayed there for four years in the undergrad. I also bought a shirt since I got sweaty from the things I have accomplished that day though I wasn’t done yet. I went to the UST graduate school just to check if there would be a chance to see someone I know hehe. But I wnt straight to the Quadri park and bought another shirt in the stall. I had fun time with the Ate asking if I’m a trasferee since I was wearing UP shirt that time. I just responded with ‘Ate, graduate na po ako, batch 2011. Nagrequest lang po ng TOR.’ After that I went to UST church to pray. It was always that one thing I never forget to do when I visit my Alma Mater. So the last stop was PRC, it just took me around 15 minutes getting my board certificate. I was amazed since it usually take us more than an hour to do something in PRC and there were a lot of people registering or in the building to accomplish something that time. Fortunately, their agenda was not the board certificate so I was the only one who went to get mine.

And there I went to gateway to wait for my barkada’s text, I waited 3pm to 5pm playing in the timezone and then eating in BurgerKing. Would you believe how ‘loner’ I was that time? hehe. That’s my life. So we met at aroung 5pm in Robinsons Magnolia and went to Brown’s Chicken where one of my barkada’s sister work. I mean the place is theirs – the restaurant itself. Unfortunately, Aldwyn (and Wu), Grizelle and JD, and Geneve were not able to come.





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