I don’t understand that girl

So far, I haven’t broken my rules in checking her updates. I mean not my rules but my friends’ rules that they have passed on to me. I blocked her in facebook, I deleted our photos together, I ignored her ask.fm messages and even deleted them right away, I changed my cellphone number, and I tried not using her name anymore (I just use ‘her’, ‘that girl’, ‘Belle McMesa’, ‘past’, ‘ex’).

What I really don’t understand is that I’ve been trying to forget her little by little but it is her that keeps on popping out of nowhere. I never even wanted to open ask.fm anymore but it sent me e-mail that someone had asked me questions etc etc. Of course I know who that person is and I don’t want it to ruin my progress of moving forward. She said she won’t bother me anymore but she keeps on checking me. I pity her current boyfriend because it hurts to know that your partner has been checking someone else especially its her past someone.

I believe she has to stop sending me messages unless she wants me back which seems impossible due to having her best most perfect-est partner – handsome, muscular, intelligent, tall, kind, athletic, sweet, loving, caring, hard-working, faithful and everything that she wants in a boyfriend.

I’m done and over it. I gave effort and time to win her back and it failed. Someday, I want to buy a balloon and write her name on it, then let it fly to the sky!


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