New Adventure, new Jasper, New Moniqlo

As I embark to a new me, I would like to thank God for the blessings and wonderful experiences He has given me. I have a new working environment, I acquired new friends, I have a new phone, a new number (still globe), and a new direction in life. We’ll never know the next new in me, maybe a new special someone? yiehihi. Uhhgg, I’m not yet ready. Only the female species are the ones who immediately enter a new relationship after a failed one.

I’m looking forward to a great 2013. Maybe I might change my other globe number to sun network. Just for another change in life since when I last had a sun number, my life had changed its direction as a college student that time. I would be able to (long) call Hazelle, Raf and the other sun friends if ever I do that.

I would like to also believe that next month or maybe a few weeks more than that, I would have a new muscular body due to my gym every other 2 days. Dream on Moniqlo, dream on. There’s nothing wrong with the imagination of seeing myself flexing my biceps with a smirk on my face.

Then, this summer I’m determined to learn how to drive my sister’s car since I’ve got my student driver’s license just last month. In addition, I also have some sideline like tutoring courtesy of my Graduate school acquintance, Rachel Dorcas. It was just a request I accepted since she made a deal on helping me on my Research course this summer. Yey! Just like what my former girlfriend used to do. Haha.

I have a lot of things written on my list. Oops, I didn’t write it on somewhere like a paper but I just etched it in my mind. Be strong, warm, healthy, wealthy, witty, humble and sociable – some things I keep saying to myself after all the troubles I have encountered :)


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