The Sun Flower Garden

The Sun Flower Garden

I don’t know them personally but within three days and two nights. They became special in a way that they took part of my dream to be in a field of Sunflowers.

Let’s test my memory (from left to right):
Im the one with the red bag, then next to me is Rjie.
Noy is the next one at the back, then she is Joanne holding a sunflower and wearing jeans.
Shy is in the act of kissing a sunflower and Mean is the next one at the back.
Adrian is the one wearing green, then the one wearing a hat is Noel.
Then of course, Paula and Diwata are the two lovely ladies at the right most part of the photo captured by Sir Rahm :)

A loved one became a stranger, but these strangers became angelic acquaintances.

The angels in MY Sunflower field. :)


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