Thank you Diwata Luna

Thank you Diwata Luna

April 5, 2013 – I have just arrived home from applying for work at some schools where some of my barkada pips work when my Graduate School classmate, Diwata Luna, called through my cellphone. I just wanted to rest to prepare myself for the gym that time around 5 pm, but all was changed when she invited me to join them at Caramoan.

I said, ‘Where is Caramoan?’ (Since I opened the computer, I googled it while she was mumbling something)
‘Ahh, Bicol?’ I added.

Diwata said that her friend suddenly decided not to join so she was looking for someone she labeled as ‘Extreme Kaladkarin.’ She said if I was willing to join, I should be at Buendia at around 8 pm. It was past 5 pm and yes, someone who would join them would definitely be labeled as ‘Extreme Kaladkarin’ because it was just a 3-hour notice before you go to a place unknown to you.

Since I’m a go-with-the-flow type of person, I initially said ‘Okay I might join but why is it that your friend decided to back out? how about your boyfriend?’

She just told me that it was due to something personal – her friend meeting some friends at night that day and her BOYFRIEND not wanting to join because his grandmother died. She called some other friends until she thought of me as possible kaladkarin. (for real? why? I just wanted adventure and I was not really into a 10-hour travel by vehicle. I guess some things really change. I do now.)

So there, I agreed to join, packed my things and went ahead.

The experience was all new. I saw myself being into physical adventure! I swam the ocean without a life vest looking for caves. With the help of the tour guides (The Kuya and the gorgeous Paula Clarise Lopez ♥), I was able to enter a cave in one of the islands we visited and guess what, the entrance we had was under the water. You just have to hold your breath for a few seconds, go under water and find your way to a hole that leads you to the cave. It was FUNtastic!

That was the most memorable thing I had in the trip because of Ms. Paula. :) Of course, I was shy.

I also had fun with the.. (drum roll please)

..WAKEBOARDING! It was my first time and I had difficulties learning to balance the board. Next time, I can and will be expert at it. Someday!

What else? Zipline where the ocean is just below you. Climbing a rocky slope to see the lagoon of the mystical fish. Trekking the Kawa-kawa. We got all sweaty but thanks to the SUNFLOWER garden, the exhaustion we had became nothing.

So when I arrived home, slept for a while (2 hours?) and went on-line to upload some photos I took in the trip. The photos were all the beauty of Bicol, the new friends we were with in the trip and of course, the Fairy herself.

When I was uploading.. (sorry for the introduction which is somewhat not related to the following thoughts. That’s why I labeled this site as ‘Random thoughts of John Moniqlo’)

..I contemplated (ooh a new word I just used – i saw this in Paula’s fb post 2008. Stalker mode: ON)

on this photo, the one in this post, that yes, life is full of challenges. It’s just that some challenges make you feel like it’s the end and you cannot live anymore because it’s too difficult to be in that situation. Like what I experienced that I was losing my hope thinking I don’t have a purpose anymore in life. I lost my job and my girlfriend at the same time just some weeks apart. But then you’ll see everything has a reason when you consult all your problems to God.

The photo tells us that ‘Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, GOD smiles from above and says, “Relax sweetheart, it’s just a bend, not the end!” (courtesy of PLT College – Guinobatan, Albay)

It brought me back to that day when I posted in facebook about suicide. I said ‘This is the feeling of a person who wants to commit suicide.’ I didn’t say I was going to do that thing. I’m too young to end up my life, 22 years old? whoa. I was just trying to send a message to my now (ex) former girlfriend that she is so precious that my life was incomplete without her. But what did she do? She deleted me as a friend on facebook instead of contacting me and showing concern. As I was contemplating, I realized that she didn’t care at all. Meaning she didn’t love me that much that she would allow me to do that thing. She didn’t have the effort to say, ‘Hey, don’t do that!’
Indeed, she’s busy giving love to her new boyfriend that time. Oh well, bitterness strikes again.

Time to wrap up some things. That was already a closed chapter in my life. Today, I have opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities like meeting new people and discovering things you can do as you travel around the globe (wait, local travel first.) Just don’t be afraid to get out of your box or what others term as your comfort zone. It’s not bad to be a YES-man at times. :)


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