‘ABOUT’ page


I updated my ABOUT page and here’s the content:

Hi! I’m using the name John Moniqlo but my real name is Jasper Timola. I am a six-foot tall Mathematics Educator.

Why use a another name?

I came up with the idea of creating another name because I was inspired by a beautiful lady named Diwata Luna. Of course you don’t have to guess that Diwata Luna is her real name because it’s not her real name. She was my classmate during our first semester in the graduate school and all the while I knew she was Diwata Luna until the second semester where I could not find her name on our class list even though she was my classmate. It bothered me a lot and from there I searched her name on the internet since I find her mysterious. Yes indeed very mysterious. I found out that she has another name which is her real name. I was left puzzled and at the same time she caught my interest as I found out she had several networking sites named after her screen name Diwata Luna. She left me thinking ‘Wow, this lady is very mysterious and interesting, I think I would want to make my own screen name as inspired by her.’

Why John Moniqlo?

First of all I did not use any known person who has the same name. I was thinking of a name which has not yet been given to a person. I wanted it to be unique that if you google it, you would not see any person who has that name except me.

I used John because of two reasons: 1) when I was thinking of this name I was into a relationship with a lady named Jhenelle. 2) To make it a male name, I thought of my family’s names particularly my brothers’ names since they have the name John – John Paul and John Allen, and I was named as Jasper only, then I used JOHN.

I derived Moniqlo from Monica and Uniqlo. Who is Monica by the way? It’s the name of the first lady who I had shared my heart with. Basically she was my the first love and first heartache. Then Uniqlo is a clothes brand. I was into buying the products of the brand since it had just opened in the Philippines last 2012. I combined MON and IQLO producing MONIQLO.

So there you go folks, my name is JOHN MONIQLO.


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