Stop Belle

You said you’ve been monitoring my blogs. You’re afraid you are being damaged by my blogs and you are trying to defend your side that you had loved me that much and I didn’t see how much that was. But the fact that you already have another guy neutralizes all that. It counters your statement. It’s your own fault. I’ve been blogging my hatred about you because I know you were reading those I have composed. Well, I don’t even have readers whom I know except you. How did I know? WordPress has a monitoring stat that tells the user that someone has viewed his/her blogs. Usually I don’t have views and I would know that you have read my composition because there would be 2 views to 3 views from the Philippines. I believe all of those views came from you. You know the solution so that you would not be affected anymore? And so that I would not compose anything about you anymore?


Stop visiting my blogsite.

I’m getting fine. And someday I will blog about things that make me happy. And that does not involve any thing about you anymore. Bitch.


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