Awkward feeling

Earlier, I was invited by my sister to join them in spending some time at Sta. Lucia Mall, Cainta.

I told them, ‘Okay, just go ahead. I’ll just take a bath after I finish typing here (I was typing my blog – Hair cut II).’

I went there after 30 minutes and met them at the world of fun which is an entertainment area inside the mall. My mother, my youngest sister, my eldest sister (the one who invited me), her husband, and their son were present. When I arrived, we went to eat at Shakey’s. Of course, I was on the hot seat. I was asked several things especially work-related questions. Where have I applied and how was my application.

Of course I told them, ‘I have applied to School A, I failed the interview. I applied to School B and I also failed the interview. I have applied to School C and I am scheduled for an interview on April 1. Blah blah blah..’

Next thing was, my sister’s husband out-of-no-where advise was ‘Isipin mo na lang kawalan ka ng La Salle. Maraming eskwelahan diyan. Tandaan mo, laging in demand ang teachers kahit kelan.’

He simply was telling me that it’s the school’s lost and not mine. There are a lot of schools around and that teachers are always in demand. Well those advises are usually the ones you hear from friends and family.

And again the out-of-no-where question of Kuya Rodgie (my sister’s husband) and Ate Janice (eldest sister.) This one was the thing that really shocked me. ‘May bagong boyfriend na si (Belle)?’

In my mind I was thinking ‘How did they know? Maybe because she has updated her fb relationship status and Ate saw it since they are friends on fb? I haven’t visited her profile for half a month already. I told Belle to delete my family as friends on fb so that she would not be thought of any bad things by my family. I guess she did not do it, now it’s her fault.

Going back to the question, I answered, ‘Yes.’

Kuya Rodgie replied, ‘Okay lang yan, mas matindi pa nangyari sakin dati’

I said, ‘We’re almost heading to four years, and that happened’

KR: ‘If someone left you, someone would definitely come to replace’

I cannot remember anymore the conversation that followed, not because I have short-term memory but because right now, Belle messaged me on yahoomail and the content hurts. I’m not in the mood to continue anymore. Good night.


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