Hair cut II

‘The only way to forget your love towards someone is to replace it with hatred.’

Earlier I was thinking of having my hair cut and now I am semi-bald. Just like the old times. I walked several kilometers to reach the barber shop and the sun was shining above making me sweat a lot. As I walked, I remember the times that I wrap my arms around Belle’s head and do the gesture of a wrestler – jumping and acting like breaking her head. Also those times I suddenly bump her backing down like a basketball player. She was bullied.. by me. Haha.

Oh well, we parted ways two weeks ago(?) and I showed her that I was very much okay. I don’t want to show her that I am not okay with what happened at least when I was with her that time. But basing my status through my blogs, I am definitely not yet okay.

I would have to say that I hate her for making me feel this way. She just waited for someone to fall for her when we were having troubles in our relationship. Then she grabbed the chance to be with that someone leaving me hanging when I needed her the most. She sucks. When I had those situations where I was still having feelings for someone else during our relationship, I chose to stay with her. She’s damn unfaithful. She simply lured that guy telling him that ‘Hi, I’m lonely because he broke up with me. Love me instead.’ The fact was she provoked me to broke up with her during the time that I was vulnerable due to the stress of losing a job.

Okay she loves him, and he loves her. I congratulate her. I just deleted all the photos we were together on facebook and removed myself from the tags of those photos taken by other people. She couldn’t keep her promises of an eternal love. She’s a liar. I hope you do not do that with that cocky guy. Another poor victim.


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