E-mail clean up

I was cleaning my yahoo mail particularly my e-mail folder 2011. I was transferring them to another folder containing the 2010 e-mails. I saw a lot of facebook e-mails and several of those came from my former girlfriend’s posts and messages. Since I was curious, I just checked. There were sweet posts but of course there were also hate posts. There were love messages and of course there were ‘tampo’ messages. What struck me the most is this particular message where she was thanking me regarding the secret she have told to her mother and that she was able to release that secret she have kept for 15 years. A secret that I was the first one to know. She was telling me that finally she got the courage to reveal that secret revolving her grandfather and that her mother had listened and stood up for her. It sent my mind to the day when Belle McMesa and I were fighting in the university and she was crying and begging me to stay. When I finally gave her my attention, she suddenly told me that secret. And so I realized I had been a part of her life that pushed her to tell that secret to her mother. Yes, I persuaded her to tell that to her mother so that she could give justice to what happened between her and the grandfather. I was the first one to listen to her secrets. And maybe I would just be a part of her.


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