She is beautiful. She is.

As we part ways due to my contract expiration and school year ending, I hung out with two of my male colleagues who grew close to my heart. We just ate at the food court of Robinsons Galleria. We were sharing stories of random stuffs. We laughed and THEY shouted dirty words as they could not contain their laughter. But suddenly, Sir Paul talked seriously asking me how am I regarding my relationship problem with Belle McMesa.

I just answered with ‘Sir, I’m getting fine. I got up from losing a job and a girlfriend at the same time. I’m pretty sure if you would lose your precious job and beloved someone at the same time, you would not know which one should you fix first. Right?’

Sir Vidal uttered something that Sir Paul agreed to. ‘Jaspy, it’s not right to ruin your life just because of a woman. She’s not even beautiful, she’s short, fat and she’s just white. She’s not worth your life.’

Sir Paul added something, ‘I was amazed that we have the same thinking that she’s not beautiful, she’s like this mug (lifting it and emphasizing its hugeness – fat).’

Vidal burst into laughter. I replied with, ‘I’m not into the shape of a woman’s body, and you’re wrong that she ain’t beautiful because you haven’t seen her yet.’

They both answered, ‘We’ve seen her pictures and we have seen her in person, right? Jaspy, you find her beautiful because you have feelings for her. We understand that but she’s not worth a thing that would ruin your life. Don’t even make a status of committing suicide again or else we’re going to bully you.’

I reflected, ‘Yeah, I remember you have already seen her and I guess yeah she’s beautiful because I love her.’

I am not really sure if they were telling those things because they care for me or they are just telling the truth that she ain’t beautiful. Maybe they’re right that I find her beautiful because the feelings I have for her makes me see her as beautiful. If that’s the case, then true love can really make someone blind.


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