I was stalking a girl on-line and I found out that she has a lot of networking sites. She does not even use her real name. And guess what, that was the reason why I also created my other name – John Moniqlo. I am Jasper Timola in real life but she gave me an idea that we could be anyone and be mysterious. It’s like you have a pen name just like the other writers we see on the newspapers or even on the internet. So there I created an account on a google blogger where she has also an account. I tried exploring the blogging site and there I have a new website – I compared it to wordpress and it seems to me that it’s easier to compose your story there and all is simple. I understood how to edit things in a few minutes. Well anyway, I’m still enjoying my stay in wordpress since I was hooked in reading an on-line story featuring Jon and Sabine.


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