Graduate School Summer Classes

I am in the process of deciding on what courses should I enroll in. I’m done with 12 units of MA. I still have 30 units to finish. The last 6-unit course is the thesis. I have the following remaining  courses to choose from:


Choose any one (1) course from the following:

EDCS 221 – Instructional Procedures

EDCS 214 – Curriculum & Instructional Design

Choose any one (1) course from the following:

EDCS 230 – Distance Education: Theory, Research & Practice

EDUC 292 – Curricular & Instructional Innovations

Choose any two (2) courses from the following:

EDAD 210 – Program/Project Planning & Evaluation

EDAD 211 – Organization & Management of Educational Institutions

EDAD – 223 – Supervision of Instruction: Theory & Practice

EDFD – Psychology of Teaching-Learning the Fundamental Subjects from Preschool Through Elementary Grades

EDRE 216 – Evaluation in Education

EDTECH 201 – Utilization of Instructional Media System in Education

EDTECH 204 – Production of Instructional Material I


Choose any one (1) course from the following:

EDFD 201 – Psycho-Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDFD 221 – Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education: A Comparative Approach


EDRE 201 – Methods in Educational Research

EDUC 293 – Research Designs & Techniques Applied to Education

ELECTIVE – Choose any one (1) course from the 200-level courses offered at COE

COGNATES – Choose any two (2) courses from the 200-level courses offered at other colleges; these two courses should be from the same area/discipline


With all the problems I have been through especially that of my work, I am grateful that I have been strong and been supported by my friends. I love them. Of course, I also thank God whom I have consulted with every move I have done. He never let me fall so hard. I got up with his helping hand. Now, summer vacation is all have to rebuild my self. I am going to keep my self busy and take away the insecurities I have for my self. That way, I would have the self esteem that I ever wanted. My focus as of now is my Graduate studies and finding another work place. Of course to bond with my friends. Maybe it would be optional if she would develop her feelings for me. Joke. hehe


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