Chapter 17: Good Coke Bad Coke

I’m a listener not a talker.


“Sabrien, this is Dr. Lee, the results of your sonogram came in…”

I patiently waited, not in any kind of angst, because I already knew what she was going to tell me. I could feel it inside of me: a hard circular mass protruding from my abdomen, slightly more towards the left.

I haven’t noticed it until the recent weeks and I knew it was time to see Dr. Lee…to confirm my suspicions — and she did.

***Now What to Do?***

It is a long weekend, and I called Jon on Monday afternoon whilst out with friends enjoying the festivities in Brooklyn. I reached Jon’s new apartment around sunset. He came out to meet me as I walked from the train station since I apparently sounded like I had one too many (which was only one) to drink.

This neighborhood is definitely an upgrade from his former bachelor pad. There…

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