Chapter 16: Frenemies

It’s a good feeling to get to know each other especially when you already know each other from before and you just wanted to know something new about him/her.
It’s weird to tell things you still haven’t said to your partner especially when you were already years in the relationship. But that makes a person feel comfortable when no secrets have been kept. It’s like you’re in one with each another.







I’m just calling a friend…in 30 minutes

In 20 minutes

In 10 minutes

In 5 minutes

In 2 minutes

Right Now…after these commercials break, and trip to the kitchen…

2 minutes ago…

5 minutes ago….

7 minutes ago…

“Hey, What’s up?!” I asked cheerfully.

“Nothing much…just waiting for food…” Jon responded.

“OK, yeah sorry about yesterday…I know it was last minute, I should’ve invited you earlier.”

A friend and I decided to go see a movie, but by the time I remembered Jon and texted him inviting him to the group; it was a few hours before start time, and apparently like everyone else close to the heart of Manhattan he didn’t like having to travel to the outer boroughs on short notice. The borough of TheGirl.

It wasn’t his stated reason for declining, but I just assume so…knowing that he is a home body.

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