Chapter 15: Truth and Reckoning

“I couldn’t even imagine HER face anymore as I had spent the past several days trying to forget.”
” “Hey…” I looked at HER, and instinctively leaned in and embraced HER. It was what SHE done for me and now I should for HER…because we shouldn’t greet each other as strangers. We were more than that, and that’s what we needed to do when we see each other.” (SM North last meeting with Belle McMesa)
” ..I mean think about it BELLE, we had only known each other a few weeks!! You don’t know me well enough as a person to know that you like me [as a person].”

I never believed in having a friend with benefits. Well yes, sex is a commodity but that does not happen for no reason. It should be done to someone you know you someday would be your spouse. Pre-marital sex happens but again it might happen but the word ‘marital’ is there so let marriage occur with that someone.


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