Chapter 12: Hey, Let’s Go on A (speed) Date!

” Scenario 1: ‘SHE” likes me – ok, stay and work out the issues surrounding our cultural differences and my supposedly unaffectionate attitude.

Scenario 2: ‘SHE’ doesn’t like me – break things off and move on. Simple, I need an answer. “


It’s his eyes.

It’s the first thing I zeroed in on under his baseball cap, beneath his long hair. It wasn’t so much the exotic color – Goldenrod –I called them like Crayola’s creative, his pale green eyes almost yellowed in the light. And the black glassy pupils were large enough for me to see the whole world, and be swallowed into them. I could see myself in his eyes, but what I couldn’t see was how Jon sees me.

So since I have STD and I can’t ask him–

Since I’ve never pursued a relationship before, and don’t really know “the signs”–

Since we don’t have friends in common, and I can’t hear anything through the rumor mill–

I am dumb, deaf, and blind in this relationship.

So my rational intelligent mind takes a turn down a path that seems to be a natural solution for its ignorance.


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