” “Hhhmmmm…well I think it’s a practical solution for two people that like each other and are seeing each other to get together…” I answered. I felt a little stupid answering this, isn’t it obvious?

He likes me.

I like him.

He declared his affection for me.

I’m declaring my affection for him.

Let’s date. 1+1=2. You’re a smart boy, do the math. Bitch. “


“Is that why you asked me to come over?” I demanded, swinging my legs to the other side of the bed as I stood up.

I looked at him for an answer, but his eyes glazed over from the smoke of his bong, seemed clueless at the situation unfolding before him.

And in retrospect, I do feel a little sorry for the guy; I forgot how socially awkward he is, and how maybe his “playfulness” went down smoother in his mind.

“Jon…is this all you want me for…?” I asked, probably a little more shocked, then angry.

“What…what are you talking about?” He giggled out.

I faced him on the bed, then I stood up and fished around for my belongings.

“I should get going” I mumbled….loudly

“Are you leaving already?” He asked, I know he wasn’t laughing or smiling because he was happy, but…maybe….is this time? Maybe I can…

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