‘It’s up to you’ mentality.


Something’s wrong…

No no, everything is perfect. Wrong and Perfect.

It’s a conflicting predicament; I can only describe as so. The last few weeks that I had been with Jon felt perfect. I knew since I first met him that we would get along well.

Now, is he everything that I dreamed of since I was little girl? No.

If I could describe and draw a picture of Mr. Perfect, would it look exactly like Jon? No.

No one is and I know that. However there is still something wrong, and I didn’t know if it was my inner cerebral cortex trying to send a message, but was getting skewed by millions of dopamine hormones rushing through my nerves. Or that something is not fitting together.

I never built a rapport with my past partner; in fact, with none of the guys that I had dated in the past. Usually…

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