It simply takes effort from both partners to stay together. As long as you appreciate what your partner is doing and you know she also appreciates you, then you could live in harmony as husband and wife. What else could I say? I have nothing to say anymore.
‘So I’m not worth shit? I did all these things for you…the whole week I’ve been throwing myself at you, doing everything you say and you can’t see that I deserve something?’


Aaaahhhh……I rolled my shoulders to stretch out the kinks as I stood in front of my porcelain throne. I had only been gone a moment to use the bathroom, but when I came back into the room she was already on her feet with her purse on her shoulder waiting for me by the doorway.

“You’re leaving already?” I asked

“Yeah…it’s late and the trains are gonna go local, It’ll take me forever to get home…I’ll see you next week,” she stated a matter of factly.

“OK, I had a great time too” What the fuck? One minute she’s holding me in her arms and the next she’s out the door ?

Sabrien – “Do you want me to stay?”

“Oh if you got to go, you gotta go.” I shrugged it off, but truth is I was pissed that she would just leave like this. With a quick peck…

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