Let your imagination take you to being a spectator to what was happening to Jon and Sabine. Or even imagine myself as Jon and Belle McMesa as Sabine. Is this some kind of a tutorial in which a girl likes to be on top? Oh wait, I’m a teacher and I’m not supposed to be talking stuffs like this in public. Haha. Well anyway, if I am going to go to some details in Mr. Sensitive Chapter, we could say that it’s something about a girl who shows her romantic side but the boy doesn’t seem to notice all those efforts. Why? Because of the boy’s sexually-preoccupied mind. It’s all about sex. Physical intimacy. Though it’s definitely true that the male species are into mating, appreciation of what the girl have been offering is what males should look into. Sex (relationship in general) is not where one dominates. It is not where one satisfies just himself (yes, himself – the male), but also the partner and what she also wants in the activity. I’m talking out of experiences. Those experiences that I had with Belle McMesa. Again, what I said is about relationship in general, not only in sex.


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