‘Its STD when you feel something on the inside, but you can’t express your true feelings because you don’t know how or are just unable.’
I think I also have that Self-explanatory Typical Dysfunction. It has something to do with my being an introvert. It really ruins everything, not only relationships but your day-to-day interaction with other people especially your work. I lost work because I was too kind or passive when it comes to authority and expressing anger to students. Would you believe that introvert people (for me) are those who would find difficulty in handling almost 50 students. I don’t know but I’m a proof. It’s just that I cannot push myself in starting a good discussion, I mean sensible things to share to people. It is really like ‘In your mind you have the script planned out but the jerk ruins it by saying some off-the-wall shit and now everything is lost in translation.’


Why can’t you just say it?!?!

It’s really hard. You see it on television all the time, when one or both partners are holding out, they practice in the mirror, maybe with a friend…take a deep breath and spill…or just forever hold your breath.

I guess Jon and I weren’t as open and honest with each other as we liked to be.  It’s kind of embarrassing when you think about STD; never had it before, I don’t know about Jon…he did boast of his “experience” with his past girlfriends, but I on the other hand had never been in a relationship that kept me emotionally and physically  tied to a person.

I never told anyone that I loved him. I never bothered to cuddle after sex or spend the night. I never understood or put effort into romance…not that I’m against any of these above mentioned things. I just didn’t…

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