Yes, ‘as long as you don’t tell me about them,’ that would be awesome. That is what we call ‘in an open relationship.’
I have a question. How many dates (meetings) would a girl readily open herself emotionally? how about physically? (I sound like very American)


This is our first obstacle that Jon and I ran into; and the results of that were….well, you can judge for yourself.

That night on the phone, our banter was reflective and light-hearty…we talked about the days before and the cool things we did in the city. I asked about his Sunday…I told him what I did and bragged a bit about taking time off from work. Jon always complained about his job, and how stressful it was as well as how much work he had to do. Always meeting deadlines and being the first one to release “news.” He’d even have to spend his weekends writing.

Sabrien –“ Ya! So let’s meet on Wednesday, I’ll get out at 3pm”

Jon – “Yeh? Why so early?…”

Sabrien – “Cause…I’m cool like that…..”

Jon– “OK….”

You never see the sharp turn coming, and I didn’t anticipate what Jon would ask…

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