And of course, D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G as it may seem but those are what deeply-in-love couples do as they walk and walk around anywhere. They even kiss while standing on an escalator on their way up. They even touch each other’s private parts while watching a movie. And they hug tightly like there’s no tomorrow even when waiting in line – standing up, for instance in a grocery store counter.
“.. You lose track of time when you’re down in the rabbit hole……and your mind slowly dies from the lack of oxygen. This is love: wondering around with an atrophied brain. ..”


We Rode High.

Being with Jon was like getting into a vehicle without any doors. You think it’s more fun that way because you’ll experience the wind in your hair better otherwise. And for the most part, that makes sense in our reality.

Our first Saturday in Washington Square Park; we were the most disgusting couple you have ever met. From brunch at an overpriced European craphole bistro to sundown at the red light district; arm-in-arm holding shopping bags with a logo on the front that I can only describe as the cat’s meow (Jon actually would stuff our purchases in his messenger bag later on…very self-conscious).

We were disgusting to look at. People couldn’t eat near us and had to look away with their food. Little kids hurled and made gagging noises on the playgrounds when we passed by. Grandmothers hissed and covered their eyes when they saw us…

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