So this is what we call blind dating.


Hi I’m Looking for…Naked Lunch

Sabrien — “So what are you looking for?”

You will hear this question more than once. However, unlike emails people cannot:

Backspace – Erase what you said

Ctrl – control your emotions/biases

Enter – Put something new again

Sitting next to Jon, I gazed at his profile as he contemplated the selection of drinks.

There’s no way he’s over 21, maybe I should ask to see his ID?

Luckily the bartender spared me the embarrassment. He has a very slim build and wore jeans and loosely fitted shirt and carried a messenger bag that he rested on the seat. I smiled to myself as I thought: My very own neighborhood paperboy!

I quickly looked back with feigned interest in my own drink; while clearing my mind of inappropriate journalism fantasies. I opened up with neutral banter, “How was work?…”

I studied the features of his…

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