Introduction: The best kept secret in weight loss…

I read Chapter 18 then Chapter 19, and I decided to begin again with this one. So Jon and Sabine are the two main characters here. Jon as me, John Moniqlo, and Sabine as my Ex (awkward. First time to use such term,) Belle McMesa.



The way men and women relate and communicate to each other has gotten more complicated and difficult to navigate than the current U.S. Immigration laws. Especially when you’re young, naïve, and just a little bit crazy, and you find someone with the exact same attributes.

Thus, brings me to my recent experience with a young gentleman we will call Jon **. Now Jon and I are a year apart, and he works as a reporter in the city. Our first date was a blind one, and quickly hit the ceiling on an intense physically affectionate experience. Now, I admit I’m not a nun, I have been physical before early on when meeting someone, but there was something about Jon I saw in his eyes when he spoke. It was like I could see the whole world when he was talking, literally like watching a movie and seeing the world…

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