Hi 2013 Graduates. Welcome to the world of work.

Again, this is another late arrival at home. It’s almost twelve o’clock midnight as I write this composition.

So what happened this day? Well, from my previous blog, I got home at around 3 am and slept at around 5 am. I woke up at around 11 am and got myself prepared for the high school graduation event of La Salle Green Hills. The sad part here was that my sister also had their graduation on the same day so I couldn’t attend since it was required of us to be present at work  for that graduation of students whom I do not really know even by name or familiarity of face (for some, yes.)

Aside from the graduation thingy, early this (should it be that? since it’s already past 12 so it’s technically the next day already?) day, when I woke up, I found out I have a message from an unknown number. It was a chikka message adding me up as a contact. I texted the number (Sun netweork, whatda) and I told him that if he would not mind to introduce himself properly to me. A few hours later, I received the reply telling me that he is the secretary of a certain school and asking me if I’m a catholic and a licensed teacher. My heart pounded and my eyes grew wider because the school is what I was wishing for. I replied telling him that yes I am a Catholic and I have obtained my license last 2011. I was invited for an interview and a possible on-the-spot demo teaching on tuesday which is tomorrow.

You know what, I am so anxious right now. I still have some grades to encode, a grad school report to finish, a grad school homework to finish, and that interview thing to do. I am so pressured.


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