The story of us

I got home just a while ago at three o’clock in the morning. I came from a mini barkada reunion but it was just the five of us out of ten. It is just good to know that we have been like this for six years now dating back to our first year of college. We gathered together carrying different stories which include myself, Lorenzo Bumatay, Lorenzo Amado, Junichi Sato and Rafael Escobar. One thing I noticed is that we were expecting some stories to be shared just like what I’ve said that we carry different stories as different individuals.

We met at around 5 pm in which Rafael informed us that he would be with us at around 8 pm. And so we just decided to look for an eating place that we haven’t been there yet. We chose a buffet restaurant Kamay Kainan and since I have already eaten a meal just less than an hour ago with someone else, I just went outside to buy Gong Cha Winter Melon Milk Tea. So there we went to our expectations of stories, the first one to share was Lorenzo B. He shared what happened between him and a girl (Josel?) whom he was courting and the girl decided to tell Enzo (Lorenzo B’s nickname) to stop. It was the start of the second week of January when the ending of a supposed-to-be love story happened. Then the next one to share was Lorenzo A. He just shared that he was happy to have a photo of him taken with his long-time apple of the eye since first year college – Florence. That’s how he is, contented with a single photo. The next one to share was Junichi. He was reluctant to share anything about his so-called love life. All we know was he has been linked to Janine Reyes, his colleague. Of course, I was the next one who shared my story. But we waited for Rafael to arrive and there I shared the story that I have already shared to this site. Let’s skip my story. We proceed to Rafael’s story where we moved to McDo for me to have my dinner. It was around 10 pm already. He shared his quarrel with his family or the conflict that he had with his parents. Now he’s separated already and trying to figure out how to survive alone in the woods. I was there to support him not only financially but also support him by my presence that I would not let him feel alone in his battle.

We have given comments to each story. There were wise words based on experiences and there were relevant comments based on analysis of situation. During that time that we were telling our stories and giving advises to each other, I felt like wow, these are my friends, my barkada. When we were younger, I mean back in the college days, we were just sharing difficulties in studies and if we ever share something about girls, we share those whom we have crush on. I definitely would like to keep these people in my life.

These are our stories. I didn’t tell the details of each story but what I wanted to say was we trust each other to let each to know our deepest sorrows and struggles in life.


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