‘A thousand more’ your face

I just got home.

The first thing I did was to open the desktop computer and check my yahoo mail. As I was browsing the 18 new messages, I noticed her name and saw that she posted something on my former blog site – the multiply. Since I promised to my friends especially Sir Raffy that I would not check anything that involves her, I logged in to multiply site and deleted her as a contact right away. Though I was able to saw the content of that blog which only contain a link to another site. I guess it was twitter, tumblr, blogspot or something, but definitely not wordpress (that’s great.) The title of the post was ‘A thousand more,’ and it sucks because it’s the title of the song that I currently hate the most since that was the one I saw on her facebook page which reminds me of how she’s in love with that *(^%^$(^ guy. Whatever the content of that thing, all I could say if ever I saw it is ‘A thousand more’ her face. I never wanted to know anything from her anymore. I regret that I gave time to her instead of checking papers, or making powerpoints, or studying for a lesson, or spending time with colleagues. F(^*.

Once again, ‘A thousand more’ your face Ate Borile.


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