Two is better than one

I’m back! No more suicidal thoughts.

I have accepted some things that I cannot change anymore. She got tired of waiting for me to prioritize her and yes, it was too late for me to realize that I could prioritize her because I love her. She already have given up and found another man who never fails to make her happy.

Now here I am, just trying to preserve good memories with her. In which everywhere I go and everything I do, there would always be little thoughts about her. Oh well, But I would like to share this song. This was the very first song that would always make me love-shiver about Jhen. I mean ‘kiligin’ as I listen to the song. That’s a rare thing a guy would say or express – kilig.

This coming week, I’m gonna fix my life. Since I have already move forward a little. I’m going to start passing my curriculum vitae to employers. But then, as humans, we are in constant search for a partner. So in a month or two, I might do something for someone.

It’s all because ‘two is better than one.’


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