Everything will be okay

I just want to tell myself – everything will be okay.Image

I know it was all my fault. I’m not sure if I’m going to regret all we’ve done or not. I do not know Jhenelle Borile anymore. I asked her when I had an accident last year – ‘Huwag mo ko iiwan ah,’ and she said compassionately, ‘Hinding hindi kita iiwan.’

Well anyway, enough is enough, she already compared me with Eric Sepuesca. She made me love her, and now I’m suffering the consequences of loving her. Tang ina. Sorry for the word.

I’ll just tell myself, everytime she comes to my mind – ‘she’s a born again – born again -born again. Eric Sepuesca’s holding her hand right now – right now – right now.’


I promise to appreciate my friends even more. And the next girl that I’m going to be with – she’s.. nowhere to be found yet. But I promise to find her someday. After I fix my self and throw away the feelings I have right now. I know it takes time. And I lift it all up to God our Father.



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