Beautiful creatures

I was with Sir Raffy Escobar at Robinsons Magnolia chilling out yesterday after work. We watched Beautiful Creatures movie last night. We decided to watch a movie to put away stress. There were four movies and we avoided the three other movies because one is a love story, the other two are rumored not-so-good movies. We thought the movie we chose was an action-filled movie or suspense because of the trailer and the poster. We had no idea so when we arrived at the movie house, voila! it was some kind of a witch-mortal love story. Well, I enjoyed the story since it gives us a perfect love story where a boy fell in love(?) or let’s use grew interest with a girl who happened to be a witch (caster as she termed it.) The girl who doesn’t want anyone to be an acquaintance eventually grew special feelings with the boy as he insistently pursue her despite the dangers he encountered along the way. They had problems in their relationship, but all it took was an apology and conversation to fix themselves. There were a lot of hugs and kisses given, and I miss doing the same to JB. Im sorry if what I narrate is just about the love story and nothing about the main plot. Its because with every kiss the two did, I remember JB. I think its because everything’s still fresh. That was why we tried avoiding romantic movies because I might get sad. But then, I hope everything will go smooth these days. I decided to give up on JB. I cannot penetrate to the wall she built. It’s too strong to pull her back in my life. Add to the fact that she already has someone special. It hurts but it’s part of life – to get hurt and eventually make us learn from it. All I can do now is to forget her, throw away the romantic memories we had.

First few months (still balancing girlfriend-barkada time)


Almost a year of relationship (sweetness overload)


Our Nuptial. Joke. Almost two years in the relationship.


Goodbye walk:



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