Same situation, different significant others


As I reflect and reminisce my struggles in life. I visited my former blogging site – the multiply. I remember, I used to share random thoughts in my blogs. I wanted to polish my skills in writing since it has been my weakness as a student. I’m not really sure if I have already improved on the clarity, coherence, and flow of ideas I wanted to share in my blogs. Even the grammar, have I improved on it?

Anyway, since what bothers me at the moment is about being broken, I zeroed in on the blogs that I have made when I was in the same situation as I am today. Of course, it was about being broken also. The image above was the content of a particular blog I have made. And yes, it was merely having a special thing with a girl. That thing ended because she didn’t like to be in that kind of situation at that time. What struck me the most is the self declaration of things I wanted to do after the sad event that transpired. I didn’t know I included those promises that I wanted to concentrate on my studies first, to mingle with friends, to be a Dean’s lister, and be a cum laude. I’m glad all those things came true, but the last thing I said was about going to Europe after PhD to find.. a job, not a girl. I guess I still have a mission to accomplish.

Should I also commit myself again to something so that it would all come true? Well after that thing with Monica and how I blogged about it, promising things like the cum laude, has stirred me up. Maybe if I would commit myself that I would concentrate on my Masteral, mingle with friends, do my best in finding a new job, etc. they might all come true. Well, let’s see. Go go go! Let GOd. I love you.


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