Follow your heart

I went to Valenzuela last Thursday because I don’t know. I just followed my heart. I wanted to win Jhenelle back. It was all about the feeling I had at that moment. I wanted to see her, to talk to her, to touch her. Then nothing happened since all has been said and done. It was too late. So as a final goodbye, I decided to visit her Church in Valenzuela since they had a Valentines concert. She’s a born again Christian and I’m a Catholic. She played the piano (organ?), and I was so proud of her. All this time, I never entertained her request to see her perform in their Church. I was so proud and hurt. I miss her. I love her. Something in me has changed and I realized that it was going to be my final appearance watching her passionately pressing each key on the organ with her lovely fingers. As the song of Hillsong was sang by the two ladies, Kim and AC, I felt the sadness in my heart which I immediately converted to singing with the group since I knew the song which I learned from attending YFC (Youth for Christ) and SFC (Singles for Christ.)

As I travel home,  I underwent a reflection where what happened was an encore of what happened to me and Monica Ramos. There were misunderstandings and having no time for her. Those were the reasons of ending our supposed-to-be love-filled friendship. Then, going back to Jhenelle Borile at present, we had fights which were all my fault and again having no time for her as I was busy for work and MA Classes. Similar situations but the same mistakes. I hope I learned my lesson. To never start a fight which came from misunderstandings and to FIND TIME for your loved one. It was all about the heart. What one feels should be followed especially when you are very sure of it and you think it has to be done. Again, follow your heart.


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