A long time ago, I shared this piece to a site known as the multiply. But time has changed the site to an on-line store. As I browse through my inputs there, I want to share again this work of my sister in her college days. It’s definitely a work of art. I mean it was made to integrate Mathematics to a poem.

So many times I tried my dear
To simplify the way I feel
Wonder if what words mean
The whole of what I am to feel

I used Algebra and Geometry
To calculate this classy thoughts

I tried Chemistry and Calculus
But the unknown increased by three

I planned into the drawing board
To look and find its magnitude
But as I reach its boundary
It extends to infinity

So what I used is Physics
To solve it with all formulas
And with the aid of Trigonometry
I got the answer 143…

“I love you”


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